Yes, Team Ride2Raise 2010 has completed its epic journey from Dorking to Edinburgh. And what an experience it was…

As a group we got on immediately – and by the end it was like we’d been friends for years. There was lots of ribbing, as you’d expect, but also a genuine desire for us to succeed as a team. This was illustrated perfectly when, on the last day, we made the long, spectacular climb out of Moffatt towards Edinburgh as a team and at an extremely strong pace, when perhaps earlier in the ride we would have been strung out across the mountain.

Everyone added something whether it was nutritional advice (Mike), navigation (Ollie) or bike ergonomics (Adrian). And Jules turned into the best support driver we could have hoped for.

Regretably we did have one low moment when George came off on Day 3 after a clash of riders. The diagnosis was a broken collarbone and morale was low for while. However, dedicating the ride to George and a fantastic trek across the North Yorkshire Moors lifted everyone’s spirits.

The toughest day was Wednesday (Day 5) when we rode across the top of the Pennines from Newcastle to Dumfries. 103 miles, much of it climbing, and over 9 hours in the saddle! We even had to walk through a farm and across a couple of fields to circumvent a road closure that would have added another hour or so to our journey. Dinner and a beer that night were much needed!

But there was a lot more to the success of the challenge than just the riding. The service we received from our hotel partners was incredible. They couldn’t do enough for us, from ice baths to special menus, and I’d thoroughly recommend each and every one of them. We also had some cracking meals provided by another of our sponsors Little Chef.

The generosity of people en route also blew us away with people making donations at each hotel and along the way. The Arcadia Garden Centre at Newby even donated the cost of our lunch!

It was also an honour to meet some of the recipients of our first batch of Charity Hero Awards. Some of their stories were very moving and the feats of fundraising remarkable.

So that’s the end of Ride2Raise 2010. It was great fun and we have some wonderful memories. We plan to manage three or more similar challenges in 2011, so if you or your charity would like to be involved get in touch. We’d love to have you along for the ride!

The pictures tell the story well so below is a selection of images which we took along the way. I hope you find them interesting. Click on them for bigger versions of the images.



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