George’s Diary of Spin. Part 1.

I thought it was about time to introduce myself to the blog and provide a little insight into how my training’s coming along.

Prior to October 2009 I had barely cycled at all. I hadn’t even had a bike as a child so my experience was limited to just four weeks in China to avoid taxi fares! Yes, you read that right… 7 months ago I was only just off stabilisers and in just over three months I’m planning to cycle 100 miles a day for six days!

I bought a hybrid commuter bike in October to break free from the horrors and the cost of public transport and haven’t looked back, progressing to my current Raleigh road bike at the beginning of February this year.

At the end of February I cycled 72 miles from Kennington to Wadham College, Oxford in 5 hours 15 minutes. This was quite a distance considering I’d not cycled more than 10 miles previously. The Chilterns was an interesting experience. 15 miles uphill and 5 miles down. A local cyclist helped me up, advising me along the way, a true hero.

I arrived unable to lift my head and struggled to thank the welcoming committee, the youngest of which just looked plain worried. Note to self – take more breaks and be more polite despite the pain.


A foggy image of satisfaction.


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