The Road to Recovery

I’ve now had my knee operation and, although there’s still some pain, swelling and lack of movement, my consultant at Gatwick Spire Hospital, Dr John Campbell, thinks my recovery is going pretty well.

For those who enjoy gory medical details, I had a tear through the posterior horn of the medial meniscus and a partial tear of the medial retinaculum. Both issues have been sorted, although I was a little taken aback to hear afterwards that they’d removed 25% of the medial cartilage to do it. Oh well, that still leaves me 75%!

Useful picture of knee
Useful picture of a knee

According to Dr Campbell my future prospects are “not bad” which, although not as positive a prognosis as I’d hoped for, still leaves me with a good excuse when I next get beaten to the top a hill.

Big thanks to Dr Campbell and everyone at Gatwick Spire. When I told them about the challenge they moved me 3 weeks up the list and the care they gave me was fantastic. Thanks also to Standard Life for paying for it!

I have my first physio appointment with Dave Emsley at Dorking Physio tonight – and hope to try some gentle spinning on my turbo trainer in around two weeks. If all is well I then want to be out on my bike around the Surrey lanes by early to mid July. Well that’s the plan anyway!



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