The team takes shape.

The Ride2Raise Team is taking shape with just one more rider needed. Latest rider on board is Ollie Kmiecik, who heard about the challenge through Raise magazine ( and asked to join the team. We agreed but on the proviso that, having already ridden the even longer route from Land’s End to John O’Groats in 2008, Ollie didn’t go too fast and make the rest of us look slow. Secretly putting weights in his seat-pack may be the answer!

The latest corporate sponsor to back the R2R campaign is Soreen, renowned makers of the world’s finest malt-loaves. They’ve launched a new energy product called the ‘Go Bar’ and are supplying 150 of these little lifesavers for us to munch on during our ride. Richard just needs to perfect the art of retrieving the bar from his jersey pocket, opening it and eating it while continuing to ride at 20mph, as he nearly ended up in a ditch last time.

Soreen Go Bar

And finally, a good friend of Richard’s, Julian Baker, has agreed to drive our support vehicle. On the face of it he’s an odd choice, as he has little knowledge of bikes and a dubious driving record. But he’s enthusiastic, reliable and, most importantly, available! Thanks for helping us out Jules.


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